Simple Geometric Patterns Make Awesome Cool Gifts

Simple geometric patterns can be placed on home decor items, laptop cases, shower curtains, socks and even your phone cases. I know this because I’m one of the artists who loves to make geometric designs. Orange Purple Geometric Apron

Geometric design patterns can be as simple as dots, triangles and cubes or as complex as geometric mandala designs that have numerous layers.

This is a simple geometric pattern that is not near as difficult to make as a mandala pattern design would entail. However it’s really quite nice on this apron.

As you can see these cool geometric designs can make awesome gifts because who else do you know that would have this geometric pattern on their laptop case or as a throw pillow design.

As you can see even a geometric pattern on an apron will look awesome with a design as simple as this  purple and orange geometric design on it!

How about these two gifts, a set of purple and orange geometric throw pillows or a purple and orange geometric laptop sleeve!

Purple and Orange Geometric Laptop Sleeve

Purple and Orange Geometric Art Decorative Pillows For Bed










Simple geometric art looks great on almost anything so your gift giving ideas are not limited to just a few items. Geometric design patterns are very popular choices for artwork. Likely due to all the cool geometric designs!

Here’s just a few more simple geometric patterns that are simple designs that look great on pillows, cups and other household products.

You can visit my shop Purple Ladybug Designs to see more geometric designs. As you can tell…I love purple!

Purple Green and Black Geometric PillowPurple Teal Geometric Flower Design

Purple Geometric Pillow










Here’s a few more gift giving choices from my purple and orange geometric design above. These colorful geometric patterns are modern and look awesome on home decor, apparel and even wall art. Simple geometric designs look the best on these types of products as they really stand out.

Purple Orange Geometric Tote BagLaptop Cover Purple Orange Geometric Design










Hopefully you love gifts that are not your usual everyday find and are thinking about getting some unique gifts from the simple geometric patterns available in my shop.

Geometric Art Design Orange Purple Black Pin