The Best Wood Cutting Boards For Your Home

Best Wood Cutting Boards

Are you looking for the best wood cutting boards for yourself or to give as a housewarming present or wedding gift?

Below you’ll find a few wooden cutting boards from IHSwoodworks with a story about how these cutting boards are made by hand.

These wooden cutting boards are made from recycled wood that’s found in Saskatchewan.

Pretty cool wouldn’t you say!

Here’s their story…

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For a Mother’s Day gift this year, my children gave me a cutting board from IHSwoodworks. My kitchen is small and I do not have a lot of space for extras so this was an excellent gift for me!

It’s a cutting board is so beautiful yet very durable so I can easily take it from cutting and chopping to serving as a charcuterie board.

I feel that these cutting boards not only are a piece of beautiful art, each one has a story to tell my guests as well.

Each of these cutting and serving boards are handmade with the utmost care and attention.

When I use mine, I love to look at the intricate grain of the wood and the circles where the branch came out. These cutting boards are so easy to use…from kitchen or barbecue to the table! They truly are the best wood cutting boards

These cutting boards and charcuterie boards that are featured on Etsy are three of my all time favourites.

It is very difficult for me to pick my most favourite so I will just begin with the Siberian Elm charcuterie board. Click on the image to take a closer look.

Charcuterie Cutting Board


This serving board is so special because it has been made from a tree at a local grain farm. It has an interesting shape because of the shape of the tree it came from.

Many field trees do not grow straight as they ae wind blown on breezy Saskatchewan days. The Siberian Elm is such a dense tree it makes amazing cutting boards, trays and charcuterie boards! I love this one!

The Maple serving tray is one of my most favourite things to touch. Click on the image to see more details.

Best Maple Cutting Board

It is sanded to such a silky smooth finish I love touching its buttery surface. Another special characteristic is that all the rings of the tree can be seen on the top of the board.

There is a touch of red in the blonde wood as well. The reason for the red is because if the tree is threatened in any way, something like a fungus, it will emit a substance in defence which shows up red in the wood. Isn’t nature fascinating?

The Birds’ Eye Maple Cutting Board has the most fascinating wood grain I have seen so far in my life. Click on the image to see more details on this serving board.

Bird's Eye Maple Cutting Board

For some reason, it looks like a shining satin ribbon. To feel it, it feels like a satin ribbon as well. Birds’ Eye Maple is a rare wood and as far as I know, nobody knows why the Maple tree will sometimes have this grain.

By looking at the Maple tree one can not tell what the grain will be. It is only when it goes through the saw mill that one knows if it will be Birds’ Eye! The rarity of this wood makes it a sought after product!

Much of the wood has been salvaged from farmers’ fields in Southern Saskatchewan. Rather than being wasted, the wood is harvested, milled, and kiln dried to six to eight percent moisture content to prevent any cracking, warping or cupping.

Handmade Unique Cutting Boards

No two boards are exactly the same, each one is as individual as the tree it came from. You can take a closer look at all three of these cutting boards by visiting my Shop. You’ll find the best wood cutting boards I have available there.

The boards are sanded into a wonderfully smooth finish and a food grade finish has been applied one at a time. The final touch is the leather strap which makes for easy storage.

Not only is the wood very attractive, it is extremely durable. It will be a keepsake for generations to come.

From tree to table, it is hand crafted “in-house” at one studio, making these boards some of the best wood cutting boards available on the market today.